Oct 11, 2022.


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. All content is to be considered hypothetical, selected after the fact, in order to demonstrate our product and should not be construed as financial advice.

This video take you through how to use the system and explains all the settings in the menus.


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Luxalgo is a premium trading system that gives you real-time alerts, premium indicators, swing trading strategies, confirmation signals, and technical indicators.


Added the ability to place take profits and stop loss orders.

. For issues with your account or help logging in - email supportluxalgo. This makes it good for both swing trading and day trading.

. Users can change the sensitivity and agility of the. The community feedback approach LuxAlgo embraces has built a comprehensive all-in-one toolkit covering nearly every aspect of TA, from dynamic features all the way to price action-based analysis. . Date of experience 30 March 2023. The system has built-in algorithms and sources data from four financial markets, ensuring accuracy and reliability.


. The LuxAlgo backtesting system allows to exit positions on a win or loss based on specific user set conditions.

This innovative strategy script encompasses many of our LuxAlgo Premium indicators optimization methods and combines them into one easy to use script for backtesting & developing the most detailed trading strategies possible.


LuxAlgo Premium is interoperable with popular platforms such as TradingView & Discord for ease of use for anyone looking to analyze markets smarter.

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