Prefab Sprout are an English pop band from Witton Gilbert, County Durham formed in 1976, who rose to fame during the 1980s.

Prefab Sprout Song list.

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It was a revelatory week for the TLM boyyyyzzzz as they dove headfirst into the discography of English pop band Prefab Sprout.

Sep 29, 2013 Prefab Sprout made great albums, not least 1985s Steve McQueen, featuring their first hit, When Love Breaks Down. 21 May 2023 014321. I have a favourite, Prefab Sprout.

Wendy Smith (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Martin McAloon (bass), and Neil Conti (drums).

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Mar 6, 2017 The chorus of Prefab Sprouts biggest hit, The King of Rock n Roll, saw its protagonist musing on the chorus that made him famous Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque. Play all.

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Prefab Sprout - Orchid 7 (Remastered) Official Audio 9,767 views Feb 21, 2019 Prefab Sprout - Orchid 7 (Remastered) (Official Audio) I Trawl The Megahertz OUT NOW .

Prefab Sprout's official music video for 'When Love Breaks Down'.

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Listen to this Album playlist featuring all the songs of Prefab Sprout's In Concert-381. 2,721. S. I enjoy the melody and the music, but I actively dislike this song because of the lyrics. Saddled with an inability to break through the American airwaves (mostly due to their refusal to tour the U. All the pretty birds have flown, now I'm dancing on my own.


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A purely ambitious record, Jordan The Comeback isnt unique to the Prefab Sprout canon, but thematically is an oddity with concepts once briefly discussed in the past now fully exposed for all to see mortality, romance, redemption both personal and spiritual all define the overarching concept of Jordan The Comeback, a record that is.

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Id never heard anything like it.

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It was his attempt at creating an unusual name like groups that were popular at the time (eg Tyrannosaurus Rex, Moby Grape, Grand Funk Railroad, etc.