The Rejected Luna - His Third Chance Mate.

Like the meaning of his name, he is lucky.

. She found her mate a year ago.



He was powerful, he was ruthless, he was everything she could never have, and he was her ruin. . Now that the Alpha hates the rogue and he is determined to ruin their lives.

1M 44.

It was a simple sundress made by my Mum, and my auburn hair was packed in a neat ponytail. And soon their love blossoms until she. She stays hidden.

. Celine, an orphan, is a werewolf on the run from her past, including the father of her secret triplets, Arnold Chase, who rejected her as a mate.

" I could feel my heart breaking.

"I, Logan Carter, Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack, reject you, Emma Parker of the Crescent Moon Pack.

. True Luna.

An Alpha in search of his Luna. Jane&39;s stance.

In "Alpha Simon and His Rejected Luna," we follow the story of Simon, the alpha of the Blackwater pack, and Luna, his rejected mate.


Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. True Luna. churton Alpha simon.

The Real Monster. Emma is excited. " I could feel my heart breaking. "I, Alpha Asher Reed, reject you as my mate and Luna. . Holding her hand in a tight grip, Jake pulled her out of the area with a scowl on his face.

Part 1 Plot Summary of The Rejected Lunas Prince.

. A Theta she-wolf, as well as his luna.

August 1, 2022 Romance.

Chapter one.

1M 44.