We are an in-home breeder of Scottish Fold and Straight kittens in Summerville, SC.

Circle K are breeders of quality, sound, healthy Scottish Fold and Shorthair kittens for sale in Australia.

495. Scottish Fold & Scottish Straight kittens & Labrador Retriever puppies in Seattle & Bonney Lake WA.


Its also believed to be the parent breed to all dwarf cats.

We also have snows and silvers. They only grow up to 7 inches tall. They enjoy playing but usually want to play with their humans rather than alone.

Scottish Straight are a moderately active cat breed.

This is why breeders should only breed fold-eared cats with straight-eared cats to ensure a healthier and longer life for the kittens. . Before we started our very own breeding program, we were once just like you looking for a good.

. Greenville, SC.

Munchkin Scottish Foldstraight Kittens San Diego.

May 31, 2021 Scottish Fold Munchkin cats are generally small to medium felines.

Browse Scottish Straight kittens for sale & cats for adoption. .

Meet the Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten, or Scottish Kilt, as theyre better known. (267) 939-7901.

A triple fold, which is most desired, will lie flat against the head of the cat.

We socialize our kittens and familiarize them with the sounds and experiences found in a normal home.

Scottish Folds, and Scottish Straights.

She is good with other adult cats, she is a patient cat and is kno. In America, the outcross is the American and British Shorthair. They enjoy playing but usually want to play with their humans rather than alone.

As the name implies, the Scottish Fold munchkin cat is a cross between the regular Scottish Fold and. 2021-04-13. We are one of the top breeders in the NW region and our bloodlines are coming from some of the bets breeders of Europe and the world. . When she is born, her ears are actually straight and will fold over in about a month.

Males can weigh up to 9 pounds, while females weight ranges from 4 to 8 pounds.

. They are raised in a loving, smoke-free, family environment that makes the transition to their.

Scottish Folds, and Scottish Straights.



Compared to many other cat breeds, it is a relatively new breed, documented since 1940s 1 and officially recognized in 1991.

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